MLM & Becoming The Entrepreneur

Man I love this video of a 13 year old kid that wrote a book called Keys to Success for Kids

This is what its about becoming the authority in the field by producing massive amounts of content. This is exactly the lesson I was taught in that lesson taught by Gerry Robert, Write a Book & Grow Rich.

You see most people make the mistake that you have to be an authority to write a book.

What the course taught me was that you write the book to become an authority.

That is the lesson I learned and I am forever grateful for that lesson.

Because becoming an authority in the field of MLM or Entrepreneurship is critical to success. When you become an authority you have clients come to you begging to work with you.

When you become an authority, you establish yourself as the top king of that space and you get different looks or perceptions from people.

When you become an authority people want to do business with you.

Don’t get it twisted.

We all want to do business with an expert.

You see, I would say that is the number 1 thing I learned from that course. It is that people want to do business with the expert.

Nobody wants to spend a dime on something that is not going to make them a return on investment, will you?

In all the years I’ve been in business for myself, I can confidently say that, the one difference maker has always been to keep investing in myself over and over again.

I will forever remember when I had two MLM mentors come into my life and show me a reality where it is possible to make money without going to work any longer.

In fact there are countless ways to make money for yourself when you become resourceful enough.

For me it was discovering that gift and doing whatever necessary to continue on, driven by that intent.

We aren’t any different unless we feel different.

And the point is to continue to approach each day with presence so that we can be in the now to integrate the lessons at hand.

My life started to change when I became very honest with myself and my feelings and decided I cannot sit in this life circumstances any longer, I need to make a change. Something needs to give.

When I began seeing that for myself I knew I was on my way to reaching new heights, I was going to make it.

Stay tuned for more wonderful insights coming your way


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